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Resting in His Delight

Have you ever been in a season where you have seen The Lord show up in such beautiful and magnificent ways that you feel like joy is just oozing out of you? Or a season where His intimacy and closeness are brought about from seeing Him move in a way that is just clear evidence of His power at work? Or maybe it’s a moment of just pure, overwhelming thankfulness for where He has you and all He is doing? 

These moments are a beautiful melody of His great love for us. The gentle whisper of the truth that He is a Good Father. Where we feel peace and rest and the growing of faith inside us.

Sometimes, in the middle of these most precious moments, I can feel the slow, creeping temptation of fear. The voice of one who is not my good Father, asking me to worry about what might be around the corner. Causing me to think of my humanness and very real lack of control of this life. Battling the what if’s and worry of unknowns I cannot see and drawing me out of that place of abundant awe and joy of the present. Sound familiar? 

But sometimes sisters. Sometimes He just calls us to rest in His delight. To notice and observe the ways His spirit is so intentionally and thoughtfully delighting in us. The way He gives to us and only desires our faithful acknowledgment of His presence and childlike joy in response. Not wondering what’s next or being tempted to allow what-ifs to creep into our minds. His whisper says, “Just rest in my delight of you and take confidence in all the ways that I am moving”.

Like a child who needs her Father desperately and a Father whose desperation is just for His child to look up and see His face, we can rest in HIS delight. HIS delight of us. HIS delight in His purposes and plans for us. HIS delight in taking care of us. We are loved by a good good Father. 

So let’s be daughters that rest in His delight. 

Kelsey Clark
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